Thursday, March 29, 2007

How do you know it's evil? Look at it.

This, according to The Weekly Standard Blog, is a pic of "the Russian carrier Varyag, which is being refitted in the port of Dalian by the Chinese. When the Chinese bought the ship from the Ukraine, they claimed it would be used in Macau as a floating casino."

Go ahead and read the post there - it's a fairly interesting take that the chicoms are looking to build a Nimitz-sized carrier. As the article says - a "100,000 ton target" in subspeak.

But that's not what really got my interest. No, what really got my interest is the look of the the former Russian carrier pictured above. It's just so evil looking. It just screams deathstar-at-sea. I mean seriously, you'd think that Vader himself could be on the bridge.

Man, that's just evilugly.


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