Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nuclear water and dino juice

Eric, the Chron SciGuy has a post today asking which will be dearer in 2050 - Water or Oil? I'll say water because I think the oil problem will continue to take care of itself. It may turn out in fact that we're (the royal, global we for sure) still making oil, but I don't have a handy link to back that up. That said, water is going to be a big problem and about the only way to solve it is going to involve lots and lots of nukes. No not the bomb kind, dufii, the power generating kind. See, when we have to build all those nuke power plants to handle the energy shortages (caused by the Chinese) we might as well bolt massive de-sal plants onto the sides of em. That's where all that water's going to have to come from. Unless global warming leads to more rain, the greening of the deserts, the liquification of greenland and all that. But that's a different topic.


At 8:18 AM, Blogger Sons of Dean said...

I´s very complicated. I haven´t got the right solution. But it is very important that Greenland´s moved back to the Medeterian !
love & peace
Bin Háfjall

At 5:37 PM, Blogger Ahumado said...

Bin -

Now I'm willing to cede some level of global warming happening in my lifetime but a move of greenland like this would represent a level of tectonic activity I'd not want to entertain. ciao


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