Thursday, September 23, 2004

Do they really know so little?

I wrote this a while ago but left it in "draft." It's not a perfect post but I guess I'll throw it out here anyway:

I know lots of ya'll have been reading up on that news guy (I'd Rather he'd a left awhile ago) but what gets me is this: Why does it seem like most news people ("most" as in many that I've heard or seen when they aren't actually "reading" the news) really don't seem to know too much? About real things in real life, I mean.

These folks, most of 'em anyway, went to college right? (Dan Rather, Sam Houston State U. alum - go tigers!, er bears, er lions, or is it skinks? Wait a minute, here it is - it's a Bearkat.) Any way they did go to college, a lot of them did anyway. Yet when you see them outside of their own environment, they don't really seem to know anything REAL!

Look at the "assault weapons" debate over the past 12 years or so. If you know anything about guns, you know these people don't. And if they do, they're not letting on 'cause it sounds like they think we don't. I've given up yelling at the tube or my radio when one of their over the top stories about Uzi's or AK-47's or whatever. That reminds me, I've been meaning to pick up one of the Hungarian AK's recently imported. Nice pieces. And now that magazines are reasonable again.....

Anyway, back to the reporters. Again, they just seem so clueless outside the control of their producers. Hellson, Dan got his start standing in the Gulf during Carla. How smart is that?

UpdateAnd this doesn't even begin to address the Reuters Lebanon faux photo incidents. Sometimes I don't know if it *is* cluelessness, or something much, much worse.


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